"There's not much doubt in any of our minds that no complete idea springs fully formed from our brow,
needing only a handshake and a signature on the contract to send it off into the world to make twenty-five billion dollars.
The germ of the idea grows slowly..." - Walt Kelly

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The revenge

When you wonder
how I'll respond
when I escape,
remember that my escape
is response enough.
Remember that this life,
fermenting in mason jars,
is only a distillation
of the past
(but not those parts,
they'll hastily explain).
that when I end my days
in a room of my own,
though the world outside
will surely be aflame,
I will be alive,
and I will be the revenge.

Playing on my iTunes at this very moment:
Warpaint, Keep it Healthy (El-P remix)

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