"There's not much doubt in any of our minds that no complete idea springs fully formed from our brow,
needing only a handshake and a signature on the contract to send it off into the world to make twenty-five billion dollars.
The germ of the idea grows slowly..." - Walt Kelly

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pains of glass

Thank goodness for long bus rides, or I don't think I'd get any writing done anymore.
Prompt #27: Still Life

What can this hold?
Heated sand
pressed to shape,
a barrier
to what lies
or without.
Build it walls
to hold it,
and bury that
which you'd like
to keep out
or forget.
Depending on
your angle,
it can hold
just about anything.

Playing on my iTunes at this very moment:
Fleet Foxes, Sim Sala Bim


  1. I like the idea of burying what you want kept out.

  2. hello, thanks for visiting us, we are still open ...

    look at the bottom of the collection, add your entry in, 5 hours to go before closing...

  3. The magic of glass... heated and pressed sand. It, like so many wonders in this world, amazes. thanks for pointing that out.

  4. I used to do a little writing when I rode the train, and I miss that. Like the idea of the 2-way barrier, is it containing one thing or keeping out the rest? :)

  5. Thanks for reading everyone! Li, it does seem to be an easy place to concentrate, contrary to what common sense would say haha.